Thursday, October 20, 2011

Funny and Silly Photos

Sometimes I have to admit that I get bored and just have to find something funny, silly, or entertaining while surfing the net to make my day a little more exciting. Just recently, I found a website called Buzz LOL dot com that has many videos, pictures, and stories that are usually quite amusing and entertaining as well. Some of these include duckface, in which people and animals try to make their best duck face, and I have to say, the dog making the face is the best one. Buzz LOL dot com also features a section entitled funny autocorrect which I find hilarious as well because of what peoples new phones do automatically, it really is a blast to see all of the funny phrases that come out. Lastly, I have to say that the Photoshop Fail section is the best because it shows how you can never trust any picture in this world of photo shopping pictures; you just have to see these silly photos to believe it. So if you want some fun and excitement in your life I highly suggest you check out Buzz LOL dot com, you will definitely enjoy it.

Strange Rare Bullets

Hello everyone, I decided to make a quick little blog about some ammunition that I recently came across while cleaning out my father's storage shed. First of all, I came across a couple of bullets for a 38 S&W which is not to be confused with 38 special, it is a bullet that is wider and shorter than the famous 38 special, and it does not fit in a 38 special revolver. I found out that this cartridge fits in a revolver that I believe was produced in 1877, and I have a found a few floating around on online auctions, but they are usually in poor condition. I have been told that the old British Webley revolver in 38 is capable firing this bullet, although I am not 100% certain. Please keep in mind that there is a 455 Webley and a 38 Webley, and I believe both of these were in service in the UK during World War II and probably up until it was replaced by the Browning HP 9mm pistol in 1963 (Kind of late if you ask me).

Next I also found a couple of rounds from a 16 gauge shotgun, yes you heard right, a 16 gauge shotgun, I actually was able to find the gun at a pawnshop a few months ago, although, I personally feel that the only two shotguns a person should own are a 12 gauge or a 20 gauge. This goes without saying that if I find a 16 gauge shotgun at the right price, I might be tempted to buy it, although, again it is a very rare shotgun and ammunition is quite scarce.

So basically right now I am going to be in the process of finding some owners of these rare weapons and give them some free ammunition, unless of course I find someone who is selling one of these guns for a great price. This article should make people think about a couple of things, if you have trouble finding ammunition for your weapon at most sporting good stores and are into gun shooting and not gun collecting, find a gun with more readily available ammunition.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Poems About Love

While growing up, I have always been a great fan of incorporating love poems when I write letters to all my love ones in the Philippines. It fascinates me how powerful a message can be and my family and friends always told me that they all love what I wrote for them. I believe that love poems can inspire people in so many ways and you should try to include it in the future!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tents Canvas

I have to say that I really do enjoy camping quite a bit because it gives me some time to relax and escape the busyness of the city and take in the great outdoors. The last time my in-laws were able to go camping I had to work that weekend and unfortunately I was unable to go. A week later my in-laws told me that their camping trip was not so good because they had purchased low quality tents that made for a difficult experience. After this happened I decided to purchase high quality canvas tents for my next camping trip so that we would have a great camping experience. Currently one of the best places to purchase Canvas tents is at Canvas Tent Shop dot com because they have top quality tents that are very durable, come in a variety of sizes and weights, and can be purchased at great prices. The Canvas Tent Shop also sells other items that are great for camping such as tent stoves that are sure to keep you and your family warm on your next camping trip. So if you like camping as much as I do, I highly suggest that you visit The Canvas Tent Shop today; you will definitely be pleased with what you find!

Perfect Dark for Nintendo 64

Today, I would like to talk about a very good game that many people may have forgotten already, and that is Perfect Dark. Perfect Dark was one of the last greatest games for the Nintendo 64 (released in 2000) and was made by RareWare the same team that made GoldenEye007 3 years earlier. Perfect Dark follows a secret agent in the future called Joanna Dark who must battle countless enemies which include aliens as well as humans. I always found the storyline somewhat confusing and hard to keep up with, but at the time, the gameplay was truly awesome and realistic, and the almost never ending amount of guns kept players interested. I have to also that this game is incredibly difficult, and towards the end of the game it seemed almost impossible, and to be honest, I don't know if I ever finished the game, but I did get very far. Some of the features that I really like about this game were sneaking up on enemies with the sniper rifle and taking them out, and shooting enemies with a 357 magnum pistol which packs a punch and takes out enemies pretty quickly. I also liked that later in the game you meet an alien ally, named Elvis (silly, I know) that helps you out with futuristic weaponry. I also found it amusing that when enemies were being shot they would mutter the words, "why me?" before dying, a feature that was sure to annoy some parents at the time. The game also used the "expansion pack" which was supposed to allow the Nintendo 64 to run better and allow for better graphics and features on the game. This game was truly an awesome experience 11 years ago and was a fun, and extremely challenging game. Unfortunately the sequel, or prequel to this game was made for XBOX 360 in 2005 and did not live up to the glory that was the Nintendo 64 version, I personally believe that they did too little with this game too late, and I hope I can do a review of that version sometime soon. In any case, Perfect Dark is definitely a classic and a game that is worth dusting off your Nintendo 64 for.

(The above photo was found via Google)