Funny and Silly Photos

Sometimes I have to admit that I get bored and just have to find something funny, silly, or entertaining while surfing the net to make my day a little more exciting. Just recently, I found a website called Buzz LOL dot com that has many videos, pictures, and stories that are usually quite amusing and entertaining as well. Some of these include duckface, in which people and animals try to make their best duck face, and I have to say, the dog making the face is the best one. Buzz LOL dot com also features a section entitled funny autocorrect which I find hilarious as well because of what peoples new phones do automatically, it really is a blast to see all of the funny phrases that come out. Lastly, I have to say that the Photoshop Fail section is the best because it shows how you can never trust any picture in this world of photo shopping pictures; you just have to see these silly photos to believe it. So if you want some fun and excitement in your life I highly suggest you check out Buzz LOL dot com, you will definitely enjoy it.