Tekken 6 for Playstation 3

I would like to talk about one of the Playstation 3 games that I recently purchased, which is Tekken 6, which I believe is currently the newest in the series. Now as many of you know, Tekken has been around for sometime, I can still remember when the first one came out in 1995 for the Playstation system.  At the time, Mortal Kombat had already come out as well as the infamous Street Fighter 2. One of the things that really separated Tekken from the other games was the characters that you could play as, and I would say that there was an aspect of realism not found in the other video games of the time. I really liked Tekken because all of your characters had realistic fighting styles and their techniques were incredibly awesome. I remember the character Zangief, from Street Fighter 2 who was a wrestler, and then Tekken came around with a character called King who made Zangief look worthless. I remember King had such a huge array of wrestling moves and he was absolutely devastating if you knew how to play as him. But getting back to Tekken 6, what I really like is that there is a huge assortment of characters you can play, I think you can play as just about every character from the entire series, including King, as well as Azuka from Tekken 5, and a few new characters that I had not seen before. The graphics look amazing as well, and there is even a campaign mode which is much better than Campaign mode of Tekken 3. So if you are looking for a great fighting game for the Playstation 3 you need to check out Tekken 6, before the awesome new Mortal Kombat game is released.