Strange Rare Bullets

Hello everyone, I decided to make a quick little blog about some ammunition that I recently came across while cleaning out my father's storage shed. First of all, I came across a couple of bullets for a 38 S&W which is not to be confused with 38 special, it is a bullet that is wider and shorter than the famous 38 special, and it does not fit in a 38 special revolver. I found out that this cartridge fits in a revolver that I believe was produced in 1877, and I have a found a few floating around on online auctions, but they are usually in poor condition. I have been told that the old British Webley revolver in 38 is capable firing this bullet, although I am not 100% certain. Please keep in mind that there is a 455 Webley and a 38 Webley, and I believe both of these were in service in the UK during World War II and probably up until it was replaced by the Browning HP 9mm pistol in 1963 (Kind of late if you ask me).

Next I also found a couple of rounds from a 16 gauge shotgun, yes you heard right, a 16 gauge shotgun, I actually was able to find the gun at a pawnshop a few months ago, although, I personally feel that the only two shotguns a person should own are a 12 gauge or a 20 gauge. This goes without saying that if I find a 16 gauge shotgun at the right price, I might be tempted to buy it, although, again it is a very rare shotgun and ammunition is quite scarce.

So basically right now I am going to be in the process of finding some owners of these rare weapons and give them some free ammunition, unless of course I find someone who is selling one of these guns for a great price. This article should make people think about a couple of things, if you have trouble finding ammunition for your weapon at most sporting good stores and are into gun shooting and not gun collecting, find a gun with more readily available ammunition.