Perfect Dark for Nintendo 64

Today, I would like to talk about a very good game that many people may have forgotten already, and that is Perfect Dark. Perfect Dark was one of the last greatest games for the Nintendo 64 (released in 2000) and was made by RareWare the same team that made GoldenEye007 3 years earlier. Perfect Dark follows a secret agent in the future called Joanna Dark who must battle countless enemies which include aliens as well as humans. I always found the storyline somewhat confusing and hard to keep up with, but at the time, the gameplay was truly awesome and realistic, and the almost never ending amount of guns kept players interested. I have to also that this game is incredibly difficult, and towards the end of the game it seemed almost impossible, and to be honest, I don't know if I ever finished the game, but I did get very far. Some of the features that I really like about this game were sneaking up on enemies with the sniper rifle and taking them out, and shooting enemies with a 357 magnum pistol which packs a punch and takes out enemies pretty quickly. I also liked that later in the game you meet an alien ally, named Elvis (silly, I know) that helps you out with futuristic weaponry. I also found it amusing that when enemies were being shot they would mutter the words, "why me?" before dying, a feature that was sure to annoy some parents at the time. The game also used the "expansion pack" which was supposed to allow the Nintendo 64 to run better and allow for better graphics and features on the game. This game was truly an awesome experience 11 years ago and was a fun, and extremely challenging game. Unfortunately the sequel, or prequel to this game was made for XBOX 360 in 2005 and did not live up to the glory that was the Nintendo 64 version, I personally believe that they did too little with this game too late, and I hope I can do a review of that version sometime soon. In any case, Perfect Dark is definitely a classic and a game that is worth dusting off your Nintendo 64 for.

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