Monday, November 28, 2011

Channeling my inner princess with a canopy bed

 Guest post written by Amy Lancaster

There are all kinds of things that I've looked at online while thinking about redecorating my bedroom. I've looked through all kinds of design blogs and spotted things that I've really loved, some of which have been way out of my budget. But I've done a whole lot of research on the subject and I've decided that I want to spring for a canopy bed.

When I was online looking for an affordable one, I came across some info on California sears window replacement that sounded really great. So I decided to take advantage of it and get my much-neglected windows replaced.

I did find a really cute canopy bed, along with a really great deal on some curtains to hang from it. The overall look for my bedroom is going to end up being rather Victorian looking, but in a cool updated way, like if Anthropologie designed it with that intent. I'm really pleased with how everything looks so far and now I don't have to worry about buying some curtains that will distract from my ugly windows.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Limited Edition

Just recently I was able to purchase Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Limited Edition. This edition has the game, but it also contains a 200+ page artbook, which is really good because this edition is getting very hard to come by. This Collection includes Metal Gear Sold 2: Sons of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, and Metal Gear: The Peace Walker, and I have heard that it is possible to unlock the MSX versions of Metal Gear as well. I have to say that my personal favorite of these has to be Metal Gear Solid 3 because it shows the origins of the series which started in the 1960s and I know at first it seems that it is going to be boring since Snake uses weapons and equipment from the 1960's, but this game really is amazing. I liked the fact that you get a 1911 pistol with a silencer and an M16 rifle (they call it something else in the game) equipped with a silencer, and I have to say, you can probably finish the game with just those two weapons. The M16 is amazing because you can sneak up on enemies and take them out, especially with the silencer. At first, I remember this game seemed boring, but once I got into it, I couldn't stop playing it, it really is amazing.

Metal Gear Solid 2 was a great game as well, although very controversial because you played as Raiden for most of the game, and not Snake, which I hated when I first played it, but now I have to say this game is amazing as well. I wont give away too much about this game, but towards the end, it gets very weird, but for whatever reason, that's when I really started to enjoy it. The weapons on MGS2 were good also, and I will never forget the opening Full motion video with the Russian Special Forces taking over that ship, they really were quite scary. I didn't like all of the enemies, but I think Vamp was one of my favorite bad guys, and fighting 3 Metal Gear Ray's at the end was almost impossible, I wanted to throw the control after getting killed so many times. Some of the weaponry changed, but favorites such as the Socom Pistol were still there, and the AKS74U was a great addition to the game, but ultimately the sword at the end was the most surprising.

Lastly, I have to say that I have not played the MGS The Peace Walker since it was originally for PSP and I never owned a PSP. I also have not played the MSX versions of Metal Gear, but I am a huge fan of all of Hideo Kojima's other Metal Gear games so I think they are going to be excellent. For those people who are new to the series, you might be wondering, what is so great about Metal Gear? Well, I have to say the story is unique, complicated, political, it has a lot of Drama, Action, suspense, and even Comedy, and I have to say that it has the most genuine dialogue I have ever heard in a game, it sounds unscripted and realistic. The weapons are always awesome and even the music is unforgettable, so in closing, I have to say that this is a must have game, whether you get the limited edition or not, it truly will be a memorable experience. So get out there and find out for yourself how awesome this gaming experience really is.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dirt Bike Gears

I have to admit that I really do not like thrill sports so much because I am always afraid that I will get hurt. I do however have a nephew who is a thrill seeker and for him riding and doing stunts with a stunt bike is what he lives for. He has been doing this for awhile now and I have to say he is really quite skilled at it and I wanted to buy him something for Christmas this year related to dirt bikes. Well I found the perfect website called BTO Sports dot com that has all types of Dirt Bike Gear that is high quality and can be purchased at a great price. BTO Sports has a huge assortment of dirt bike items including apparel, dirt bike parts, boots, protective gear, bags, tires, tools, DVD’s and much more. Best of all BTO Sports always has weekly specials including holiday package deals which are a perfect gift for anyone who likes dirt bikes. BTO Sports also offers gear for street bikes, ATV’s, and casual clothing as well. So why not check out BTO Sports today, you will definitely be glad you did.

Romanian AK47 underfolder

Hello everyone, today I am very excited because I was able to get a brand new rifle which is a Romanian WASR 10 with folding stock, basically it is a semi-auto AK47 from Romania but this one has an underfolding stock. When I first saw the gun today I could not believe how small and compact it was with the stock folded, at first I thought it was an AK pistol until I was able to notice that it had in fact a folding stock. So far I have just been able to take it out of the box and clean it. I do plan to fire it at the range very soon, and fortunately it fires 7.62 x 39 mm which is great because they run about $5.00 for a box of 20 rounds. If all works well, I would like to purchase a similar AK chambered for 5.45 x 39 mm, but for now this gun is totally awesome and I can't wait to take it out to the range to see what it can do.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Auctioning Online

Since Christmas season is not too far from now, I am trying to save money as much as possible. While scanning the web earlier today, I have come across a website called which gives you the possibility to win top name brand of products through online bidding.  I am really amazed with this website because it gives us the chance to win any product easily. What are you waiting for? Start bidding today and who knows you might get the coolest product you can find at Dirty Bidz dot com for as low as one penny today!

Review of Fiocchi Ammo provided by Lucky Gunner

Last week I was able to go to the shooting range and as always I had a lot of fun. Everytime I go to the range I usually take one of my favorite rifles and handguns and I try to bring a new gun out as well. This last week I was able to take my Smith and Wesson 9mm Pistol which I like because it is simple, accurate and affordable to shoot.
This particular shooting session I had gotten about 50 rounds of 9mm Fiocchi Ammunition provided by Lucky Gunner. Fiocchi Ammunition, from Italy, is both accurate and very reliable. The Fiocchi ammunition that I had fired was 115 grain which is pretty much the standard weight for most 9mm ammunition.
I had just recently came across Lucky Gunner and I really like the prices that they have on ammunition and I will be purchasing from them from now on. I also have a 303 British rifle but I rarely fire it since the ammunition can be hard to find at times and when I do find it, it usually is very expensive. I noticed at Lucky Gunner that they have ammo for this rifle starting at $17.00 a box, which is pretty good because where I live, this same ammunition is over $30.00. So whatever gun you like to shoot, you should check out Lucky Gunner since they have a huge selection of ammunition for rifles, pistols, and shotguns, I highly recommend them.

* I received a sample of Fiocchi Ammunition from Lucky Gunner to share my opinion, all of which are my own personal opinion*

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Golf Clubs in Las Vegas

I really am considering moving to Las Vegas because it really is a great place to live. I have many friends who live there, and just recently they asked me if I would be able to find out about golf Clubs in Las Vegas. I was finally able to find a website called LV Tee Times dot com that helps people find a Las Vegas golf club. Las Vegas Tee Times is great because it helps you find the golf club that is right for you, it even offers great golf course tips, and there is even a blog on their website where you can visit in order to find out what others have to say about golfing in Las Vegas.I also think that it is great that you can search for a golf club by price range, which really helps out quite a bit. After visiting this website, I really have to say that some of these golf courses are really amazing looking, and I am even considering visiting some of these places in the future. So why not check out what great golf clubs they have in Las Vegas by visiting LV Tee Times dot com today, you will definitely find a club that you will like.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Beretta 92/M9 Pistol

I would like to talk about a great gun that I have on my wish list of guns that I currently do not own, and one of these happens to be the Beretta 92 and the Beretta M9 which are made in Italy. First of all, what is the difference between these two pistols? Well there are a few slight differences although I was told that the main difference between the two is the sights. The Beretta 92 and its variants are the civilian versions of the M9 for the military, but I believe that it is possible to purchase either one of them as far as I know. Both guns have a 15 round magazine and look virtually identical, for the purpose of this blog I will refer to this pistol as the Beretta 92. As most gun enthusiasts already know, the Beretta 92 is the pistol that replaced the military's 1911 45 ACP handgun back in 1985 and is currently still in use with every branch of the military. Many people have often griped about changing from 45 ACP to 9mm, usually stating that the stopping power is lacking in a 9mm pistol. I will say that there have been instances of people being shot numerous times with a 45 and 9mm and not stopping dead in their tracks, so what is the remedy? Use a rifle or a shotgun! It should be noted that handguns are meant to be sidearms, weapons that can be carried easier, maybe even concealed, but at the same time not necessarily have stopping power. So what whatever the case, I would have to say that the 9mm fired from any handgun is adequate, it is very accurate, and whether you have to shoot an attacker 1 time or 15, it is usually capable of stopping an attacker so long as you have good shot placement. One of the former generals of the US Army a few years ago, said of the Beretta that it will do its part so long as the soldier does their part.

Before I continue, I should mention that the Beretta 92 as of now, is probably a bit outdated, is it a bad gun? No, definitely not, but it is showing signs of aging. How so you might ask? Well first of all it is a pretty big gun, I was able to check one out at the local gun shop and I have to say the grip is very large, I would have to say it is about as large as a Ruger P95, which I always considered very clunky. The Beretta has a long barrel, 4.9 - 5 inches, which I personally like, but for those that want more concealment and a large magazine capacity, this probably isn't your best choice. I have heard various stories about the Beretta 92 being unreliable, but as far as I can tell, most of these had been attributed to poor magazines, and poor ammunition. However, based on what I have researched, the Glock 17 is probably a superior choice. One other thing about the Beretta is that it has a 15 round magazine, which is good, but the Glock 17 in 9mm has 17 rounds, which I personally think is better, and another pistol, the FN Five-Seven in 5.7mm has a 20 round magazine so they both beat Beretta. But in all honesty, do we need more than 15 rounds? I would say 15 rounds is still pretty good, but probably in a combat situation most would feel better with 17 or 20. Accuracy is another issue, I have not been able to fire a Beretta 92, but it is a 9mm, and I have to say, the 9mm, whether in a Glock, Ruger, or whatever gun is probably going to be accurate, so this isn't a problem. In terms of looks, I have to say that the Beretta 92 is incredibly nice looking, especially compared to the Glock, which I love, but I have to admit, it is a little ugly. One last question about the Beretta, how do we mount a flashlight or laser? Well, some newer Beretta 92's have a rail, and the older ones, you can always get a laser grip, so this is not too much of a problem.

So some of you might be wondering, why would you want a Beretta 92 if it is outdated? Well, I have to say that the Beretta 92 is an iconic gun, it has been popularized by films such as Lethal Weapon as well as video games such as Resident Evil. The Beretta 92 is just an awesome looking gun, and I cant think of a whole lot of guns besides maybe the 1911 that have that same appeal. For me, I think that Resident Evil was the game that influenced me the most to consider getting a Beretta, especially the remake which featured a customized Beretta that is used by the characters Chris and Jill. I had even seen someone on Youtube who had customized his Beretta to look just like the one on Resident Evil, and I have to say, I was really impressed. While there is currently a newer model, the Beretta PX storm, I just have to say for me, if you want a Beretta, the 92 is the one I want. So if you want an iconic gun that works well for the range, home defense, or just collecting, the Beretta is a great choice.

*The above photo was found with Google.*