Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Limited Edition

Just recently I was able to purchase Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Limited Edition. This edition has the game, but it also contains a 200+ page artbook, which is really good because this edition is getting very hard to come by. This Collection includes Metal Gear Sold 2: Sons of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, and Metal Gear: The Peace Walker, and I have heard that it is possible to unlock the MSX versions of Metal Gear as well. I have to say that my personal favorite of these has to be Metal Gear Solid 3 because it shows the origins of the series which started in the 1960s and I know at first it seems that it is going to be boring since Snake uses weapons and equipment from the 1960's, but this game really is amazing. I liked the fact that you get a 1911 pistol with a silencer and an M16 rifle (they call it something else in the game) equipped with a silencer, and I have to say, you can probably finish the game with just those two weapons. The M16 is amazing because you can sneak up on enemies and take them out, especially with the silencer. At first, I remember this game seemed boring, but once I got into it, I couldn't stop playing it, it really is amazing.

Metal Gear Solid 2 was a great game as well, although very controversial because you played as Raiden for most of the game, and not Snake, which I hated when I first played it, but now I have to say this game is amazing as well. I wont give away too much about this game, but towards the end, it gets very weird, but for whatever reason, that's when I really started to enjoy it. The weapons on MGS2 were good also, and I will never forget the opening Full motion video with the Russian Special Forces taking over that ship, they really were quite scary. I didn't like all of the enemies, but I think Vamp was one of my favorite bad guys, and fighting 3 Metal Gear Ray's at the end was almost impossible, I wanted to throw the control after getting killed so many times. Some of the weaponry changed, but favorites such as the Socom Pistol were still there, and the AKS74U was a great addition to the game, but ultimately the sword at the end was the most surprising.

Lastly, I have to say that I have not played the MGS The Peace Walker since it was originally for PSP and I never owned a PSP. I also have not played the MSX versions of Metal Gear, but I am a huge fan of all of Hideo Kojima's other Metal Gear games so I think they are going to be excellent. For those people who are new to the series, you might be wondering, what is so great about Metal Gear? Well, I have to say the story is unique, complicated, political, it has a lot of Drama, Action, suspense, and even Comedy, and I have to say that it has the most genuine dialogue I have ever heard in a game, it sounds unscripted and realistic. The weapons are always awesome and even the music is unforgettable, so in closing, I have to say that this is a must have game, whether you get the limited edition or not, it truly will be a memorable experience. So get out there and find out for yourself how awesome this gaming experience really is.