Channeling my inner princess with a canopy bed

 Guest post written by Amy Lancaster

There are all kinds of things that I've looked at online while thinking about redecorating my bedroom. I've looked through all kinds of design blogs and spotted things that I've really loved, some of which have been way out of my budget. But I've done a whole lot of research on the subject and I've decided that I want to spring for a canopy bed.

When I was online looking for an affordable one, I came across some info on California sears window replacement that sounded really great. So I decided to take advantage of it and get my much-neglected windows replaced.

I did find a really cute canopy bed, along with a really great deal on some curtains to hang from it. The overall look for my bedroom is going to end up being rather Victorian looking, but in a cool updated way, like if Anthropologie designed it with that intent. I'm really pleased with how everything looks so far and now I don't have to worry about buying some curtains that will distract from my ugly windows.