Friday, April 27, 2012

Review on Sellier and Bellot 7.62 x 54 R Ammo from Lucky Gunner!

I am so excited today because I had the opportunity to go to the shooting range today and try out some new ammunition that Lucky Gunner provided for me to test out. The ammunition was 7.62 x 54, also known as 7.62 x 54R, and this particular load was 174 grains Sierra Match King Hollow Point Boat Tail from Sellier and Bellot which usually runs $29.00 a box. Well this ammo was a pleasant surprise when firing my 1891 Mosin Nagant rifle today. One of the things that I like about this particular ammunition was that it feed through my rifle without any problem whatsoever. This is important because I had fired some cheaper ammunition through it before and had the notorious "sticky bolt" problem that seems to be prevalent in Mosin-Nagant rifles. Well, it turns out that I had absolutely no problems feeding ammunition, pulling the bolt back, ejecting the spent cartridge and reloading a fresh one into the chamber. I am sure that there may be people out there who have had this problem when using inexpensive ammunition, and I have to say, maybe you should try out a box of Sellier and Bellot ammunition, its a little bit more, but it is quite worth it.

The other reason I was so impressed with this rifle was the accuracy and recoil I experienced when firing this rifle. First of all, the recoil seemed very light for a Mosin-Nagant, it was actually a pleasure shooting it and quite comfortable shot after shot. Accuracy was astounding, I was able to hit a very good group at 50 yards standing, as can be seen in the picture bellow.

I should mention that it was quite windy today, in fact my first target was taken away by the wind and then I had to set up this second target, and you can tell it was a pretty good group for 50 yards standing in the wind, I hope next time I can take it out a bit further. Keep in mind also that I am not the best shot with a bolt action rifle, I was actually surprised I was able to shoot this good.

Just so you know what I was shooting, this is a photo of the exact rifle!

So anyways, if you own a 7.62 x 54R rifle, whether it be a Mosin-Nagant, Dragunov, PSL, or a modern sporting rifle that fires this cartridge, with or without a scope, I highly recommend using the Sellier and Bellot Match Ammo that I have reviewed, it is flawless, accurate, and has manageable recoil. If you want one box or a couple of boxes, check out Lucky Gunner, at and order yourself a box of that, and while you are there, I highly suggest that you look at the rest of their ammunition selection and shooting accessories. They have great prices, great service, and fast shipping, what more could you ask for?

* I received a sample of Sellier and Bellot Ammunition from Lucky Gunner to share my opinion, all of which are my own personal opinion*

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What is Lemon Law?

Purchasing a car in today’s economy can be quite tricky at times since you do not always know what you will be getting, especially when you are buying a used car. Many used car salesmen are honest, however, there are many out there who are not, and it is not uncommon for people to end up purchasing a car that is a lemon. As many people may already know, a lemon is a car that does not work as well as you had hoped so, either because it needs more repairs than the salesman told you it needs, it has much more miles than they told you it has, or a variety of other reasons. After reading this, you must be wondering, how does one protect themselves from purchasing a lemon? Well, fortunately there are laws, particularly in the state of California that can protect you from purchasing a lemon. You will of course need to look for Lemon Law attorneys in California, to ensure that you will be taken care of. One of the best places to go to in order to find California Lemon law lawyers is at Shainfeld & Anvar, PC, which can be found at My Lemon Law Center dot com. The best thing about this website is that they provide you with all of the necessary information that you will need when dealing with purchasing a lemon at a dealership. Keep in mind that Shainfeld & Anvar, PC have many law offices through the state of California, so no doubt it will be quite easy to find someone to help you with your case. These lemon law lawyers can help you in two different ways, they can either have the dealership buy back the lemon car that they sold you, or they can have the lemon you purchased, replaced with another vehicle and it’s just that simple. So if you feel that you have purchased a lemon visit My Lemon Law Center dot com today and then find out what course of action is best for you, you will be glad that you checked them out.

Brock Lesnar Back in WWE

About two weeks ago, I was surprised to see on the television that UFC fighter Brock Lesnar was back again at the WWE shows. I thought that he will never set his foot with the fake wresting show but I guess not. Although, I occasionally watched the show when I am not working or at school but my dear husband doesn't. Well, I am looking forward to see him more on WWE but I still wish he would fight again at  UFC.