Contribution by Saul Martin

small business xo has really helped me in the communications and networking department. I created a small start up company three years ago making mayhaw jellies. If you have never heard of a mayhaw, they are small red fruits that grow in the South East. Most people haven’t heard of them. I started making gourmet mayhaw jelly like my grandmother did and giving it to friends as gifts. It got rave reviews and they kept asking for more and more. Finally, a close friend suggested that I just start a business and sell my product on-line. I did some research, got a business plan, and have had a lot more success than I ever expected. Real foodies will pay over ten dollars a jar for the stuff and just can’t get enough! With an expanding business, my friend suggested that I upgrade my internet and communication services at my office. It was a good idea because we were getting so busy and I really couldn’t stand the thought of losing business because the lines were tied up or the internet was slow. I think that 2012 is going to definitely be our best business year yet!