Highs and Lows

 Contribution by Kennith Griffin

My family lived in this area of Texas for years. In fact, all our past generations had experienced wave after wave of real economic highs and lows. After years of change, the growth had been mainly a positive one in a lot of ways. I suppose we were some of the more fortunate ones. We had seen so many companies come and go over the years. In recent years, our family owned and operated business was profiting from the growth and I have met a lot of friends along the way .Working with the public, I often get asked by customers just moving or considering moving into the area and are budgeting for their annual utilities. I refer a lot of them to direct energy trade union to learn all the ways they can cut costs, and conserve energy. I also get asked who has the best coffee in town too and I have a list of spots I regularly visit. I’m proud to be living in an area and celebrating community!