Resident Evil Dead Aim for PS2

Just recently I added a fantastic new game to my collection which is Capcom's Resident Evil Dead Aim for Playstation 2. This game was released in 2003 and is probably one of the lesser known Resident Evil games. What makes Dead Aim unique is that it is a shooting game that is similar to Time Crisis and is also compatible with the Guncon 2, although you can still play it with a standard Playstation 2 controller. The story takes place on a boat for the first part of the game and you are in control of a character named Bruce McGivern, an American who is a member of an Anti-Umbrella organization, and for some parts of the game, you can play as Fong Ling who is a Chinese spy/government agent. Together Bruce and Fong Ling fight off hordes of zombies, hunters, and numerous other enemies with a large array of weapons, including a few new weapons and classic weapons as well. Fong Ling carries an assault rifle, which looks almost like a pistol version of the M16, and I have to say, it is a lot of fun to gun down the enemies with this particular weapon. I have not yet finished the game, but so far I have run across a new type of Tyrant with extra large hands and a heart on its back, a female Tyrant, and a new advanced type of Hunter which can be kind of annoying since they like to jump at you. Overall, I have to say that the game is a lot of fun, although those people who loved the original Resident Evil games may not like how different this one is. Some people may remember Resident Evil's first attempt at a shooter type game when they released Resident Evil Survivor in 2000, and trust me, Dead Aim is much better than what others have told me about Resident Evil Survivor. One of my only complaints about this game is that it can be difficult to aim with a standard controller, and some of the cut scenes look kind of funny, but in conclusion, I have to say that this game is great for people who are huge Resident Evil fans like me and it definitely is worth a try.

*The above image was found on Wikipedia.*