A roomy fall purse to get me through winter, too

 Guest post written by Nicole Hartwell

I'm not sure why, but I've always been partial to big purses. They're just so much better because you can fit all kinds of things in your purse. I'm a really big believer in reading and I'm always reading one book or the other. I love to keep my books in my bag with me no matter where I go because I have all kinds of little extra minutes to read my book. That's the way that I get through books so quickly! But sometimes I like to read really big books, not just some measly little thin paperbacks. So I need purses that are roomy enough to support that.

I was looking online trying to find some really cute purses and nice prices to choose to buy. While I was looking, I ran across some info on Internet Providers. After that I decided to show it to my roommates and we chose to switch over our internet service to one of the providers on there.

I found the perfect roomy purse that's so in style right now. Besides, if a purse can't carry a lot then there's no way that I'm going to use it anyway.