Rock Island 1911 pistols

Hello everyone, I am very excited about this blog because just recently I was able to start payments on a new gun, which is the Rock Island 1911 in 45 ACP. Now a few years ago, I was able to purchase a Rock Island Pistol, probably for about $300.00, and it was my first time firing a 1911. The gun was good, I did experience a few jams (2 out of about 500 rounds or so) maybe a little more, but it could have been because of the ammunition I was using or the magazines, at the time I purchased about 5 old Colt 1911 magazines. Anyways, I made the mistake of exchanging the gun for a weapon that I thought would be more reliable, and I ended up getting a Springfield Armory 1911 and what a mistake that was. I have been told that Springfield makes good guns, but I think I ended up getting one of the few lemons that the company made because it was unreliable. I fired over 500 rounds, changed magazines (used/new), tried different ammo, different grips, had the feed ramp polished, to no avail. Many people told me that I limp wristed it, that's insane, because I had handled a Rock Island 1911 before, a Ruger 45, and a couple of guns, so that argument is out. Anyways, I ended up trading the Springfield for a Glock, and I have kept that gun ever since, but I still love the 1911, so that is why I am going to get a Rock Island 1911, in my opinion it is the best 1911 out there because it is inexpensive, well made, and made almost to the exact specifications of the original 1911.

Before I continue, if you love Springfield Armory, and you found one that works for you, great! more power to you, I, however, will probably not purchase another 1911 from them. Keep in mind that every so often a gun company will make a few pistols that are unreliable, it happens, in fact I had a Romanian AK47 that was inoperable when I got it, sent it back to the company, and they sent it back good as new. Unfortunately, I got rid of the Springfield before I had the chance to send it back to the company.

Anyways, getting back to the Rock Island 1911 pistols, they are great handguns in my opinion, they are made in the Philippines (by Armscor firearms), which if you didn't know, Filipinos love the 1911 pistol, I would say just as much if not more than we do here in the United States. When I was able to travel to the Philippines, every gun owner I met owned a 1911, although it was often a Colt, not a Rock Island, the Filipinos love the 1911 and they take pride in making these firearms, and I personally believe it to the best most authentic GI version on the market. Rock Island 1911's are made in 9mm, 38 Super, and 45 ACP, and can also be purchased with a 3 inch barrel, 4 inch barrel, and 5 inch barrel, in a variety of finishes, along with tactical models which come with beaver-tail safety, skeletonized trigger and hammer, adjustable sights, a high capacity (14 round model), and they even have one with a rail to mount a laser or flashlight. Now again, I decided to put the standard one on layaway because it looks like a classic, is simple, and good starter 1911. I should also mention that the Rock Island 1911 is shipped with the pistol, cleaning rod if I remember correctly, 1 magazine, and a plastic case. I think later on I would like to purchase the 9mm version, although it only has a 9 round magazine, because it would be cheaper to shoot than 45 ACP and still keeps the classic look and feel of the 45. Lastly, it is important that I mention, nearly every part of any other 1911 is compatible with the Rock Island, so you can purchase those expensive high quality magazines for this weapon, and they will work. I also should mention, I found a video on Youtube some time ago, and it had been shown that the Rock Island will fire hollow point rounds, in a variety of weights without a problem, there were no jams, I myself was amazed. So if you are looking for a great high quality 1911 at a bargain price the Rock Island 1911 is a good option in my opinion.

(The picture above was found via Google search)