Resident Evil Outbreak

Re outbreak a.jpg

I am the proud owner of a Playstation 3 however, I was disappointed that my version of the system does not play Playstation 2 games. Just recently I decided to purchase a PS2 and one of the first games I am going to buy for it is Resident Evil Outbreak. Resident Evil Outbreak was released on the PS2 in 2004 and by this time I had already played countless Resident Evil games only to find that this game was not a walk in the park. RE Outbreak was incredibly difficult and I believe that you would have a team of about 3 characters out of about 8 characters who are trying to survive Racoon City after the outbreak of the virus that turns people into zombies. There is also an online mode, however I never had the opportunity to play it unfortunately. This game is one of the toughest RE games ever, I remember I was only able to beat the first scenario and most of my characters nearly died. I enjoyed the fact that you can use more weapons that are at hand such as brooms, mops, nailguns, etc. instead of only firearms like the previous Resident Evil games. The other thing that I really liked about this game was Kevin, who is another police officer with the Racoon Police Department, and what makes his character so special is that he carries a .45 automatic pistol which has great stopping power on zombies. Every since Resident Evil 1 I was always wondering how it would be if someone had a .45 caliber against zombies. I think the only drawback was that the .45 ammo is hard to come by. Well I have to say that I have just ordered my copy of this great game, and if you love the Resident Evil games and want a challenge, check out Resident Evil Outbreak, you wont be disappointed, except for your fellow characters terrible AI that is.