Ninjutsu Technique: Oni Kudaki

I would just like to talk about a great martial art technique that is not only cool but quite practical as well, which is called Oni Kudaki, which means crushing the demon, or demon crusher, and I have to say, if applied full force, it definitely earns its name. Now this technique is used in a variety of martial arts such as Japanese Jujutsu, Aikijutsu, etc. and not just Ninjutsu, and it should be mentioned that other arts such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu use similar techniques which are only slightly different. I would also consider techniques such as the Americana and Kimura to be variations of this technique that are done on the ground. Getting back to the mechanics of the technique, there are several ways to do it, one mentioned involves the attacker throwing a hail maker type punch, the defender steps in and blocks the punch with his left arm (if it is a right punch) while simultaneously punching the attackers bicep with the right fist, and shooting the right hand under the bicep, clasping both hands together and locking the opponents elbow until they submit, although in a real situation an arm break may be necessary depending on whether or not the attacker is armed, has friends, or other dangerous variables involved. Some may have the question, what happens if they pull their arm back and you cant lock it? Well, simple, you didn't get hit in the face, so that's good, you punched their arm, so that is good as well, and lastly, they have opened themselves up for an attack such as a kick to the groin, eye poke, punch, roundhouse kick, heel kick, or pretty much whatever you may have in your striking arsenal, although I would probably just go with a groin kick or finger jab to the eyes. If my attacker had a knife, and I was able to pull this technique off through some miracle, again I would not wait for a tap, and the attackers arm will be destroyed, and most likely they would not be able to finish the fight because this type of arm break would be quite devastating. So if you want to try this technique out, please practice extreme caution, if you want some examples, I highly recommend looking at videos on the internet.

(Please keep in mind that this is for information purposes only, I am not responsible for the misuse of this technique)