Music Festival

 I have been a fan of music ever since I was small, and I was fortunate enough to practice band when I was in elementary school and middle school as well. I really believe that my studies of music helped me out a great deal in my life and no doubt; it can help your children as well. If your child’s school has a music program, such as band or orchestra this is a great thing, but what about when summer rolls around? I truly believe that summer is one of the best times for music students to practice music and become better. Well, fortunately there are many music programs in the summer; however, the best one out there has to be the Philadelphia International Music Festival which can be found at Strings Camp dot com. This chamber music festival is great because it is an intensive fourteen day music study with some of the best members of the Philadelphia Orchestra. The other goods news that you should keep in mind is that they are now offering a winter festival and the Croatia festival as well for those who not only want their child to receive the best instruction possible but also be able to tour a fabulous country. So why not check out what the Philadelphia International Chamber Music Festival has to offer, you will definitely be pleased with what you find.