Taurus/Rossi Circuit Judge Rifle Revolver

I am very excited to talk about a new gun that I was able to shoot over the weekend, which is the Rossi Circuit Judge which is a rifle/revolver that fires both .410 gauge shotshells and 45 long colt as well. This rifle is truly amazing because it operates just like a double action revolver, except that it is in fact a rifle. You load the weapon one bullet or shell at a time, or you can use a speedloader, the capacity is 5 shots, which I know is not high capacity, but it will get the job done, and with the power of a 45 colt or 410 slug, it is more than adequate. This rifle is also equipped with two different chokes, one I believe is for use with 410 shot shells and the other I believe is for the 45 long colt ammunition. The Circuit Judge is equipped with fiber optic sights which help make this a very accurate rifle/shotgun. The rifle is also equipped with a picatinny rail so that you can mount a scope if you wish. The grips are very similar to a pistol grip and make it very controllable and comfortable in the hands. This rifle will also handle up to a 3 inch 410 gauge shot shell, and many ammunition companies are currently offering a greater variety of loads for the 410 that make it great for large varmints or self-defense. I have to say however, I really liked firing the 45 colt, it is quite accurate, recoil is manageable, and it can send bullets weighing 240 grains or more at its target, I have to say, it is incredibly powerful. Currently the price range is about $400-500. So if you want a high quality rifle that is versatile, I think this would make an excellent choice.

*The photo above was found on Google, this rifle is made by Taurus/Rossi for Braztech.