Written by my friend Ian Cruz

Ever since I have gotten BESTchoicetv.com I have been watching all the episodes of Hoarders that I have missed. This show is so addicting! People's stuff is more important to them than their families, health, basically everything! I am the exact opposite of a hoarder so maybe that is why I am so intrigued. I keep only the bare minimum and am not sentimental by any means. My favorite episode to date is the food hoarder. It is this elderly woman that literally, could not throw away food. No matter how rancid, or molded or expired it was she could not bring her self to get rid of it. She would only throw something away if the packaging started to bloat, and sometimes even then she would try to keep it. During her episode her living room was full of rotten food. There were squash, and vegetables and a rotten pumpkin on the floor that had turned into an orange mush. It was so rotten that they had to use a shovel to pick it up and even as they are dumping it into the trashcan the woman is picking seeds out of it to eat. She kept saying what a beautiful pumpkin it once was and she just wanted a few of the seeds to eat or maybe try to grow another one. Her son eventually had to come help her and convinced her to throw away some of the food. By then end she had made very little progress.