Omote Gyaku-Outside Wristlock

I have decided to discuss another great technique that is for use primarily as a self-defense/disarming technique which is the Omote Gyaku in Japanese, but also known as the outside wristlock. While many people will say that it does not work in real life since no one has used it in MMA, the truth is, there is no use for it in MMA as the Outside wristlock is a disarming technique and MMA fighters do not go into the octagon with weapons. The outside wristlock is a technique that is used in many fighting styles including Hapkido, Japanese Jujutsu, Aikijutsu, Aikido, Ninjutsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Filipino Martial arts, and many more. Although many of these schools may use a slight variation of the technique, it is pretty much the same technique, you will use two hands to twist the opponents wrist and you will then twist until they drop whatever weapon they are holding. Keep in mind, that if someone has a knife, your best bet is to run if you cant run, reason with the attacker, that doesn't work, evade the blade, use an eye jab or other distraction and go for the wristlock as a last resort and hope that it works. Are there other techniques for disarming a blade? There are not very many, this is why this technique is so important to learn and master, because it is one of the few that you can use to disarm an opponent. Keep in mind that no technique is 100% but if you use a distraction, a strike, or an eye jab, this move can come quite in handy, and may just help you to disarm an opponent who is armed with a knife, stick, hammer, and so on. If you go up against a gun, the stakes are higher, and reasoning with your opponent are very important, but if you must attempt to disarm them, then a distraction followed by a modified wristlock in which you grab the gun and twist their wrist just might work. If I personally was in a situation and had the person in a wristlock I would twist until their wrist breaks because they are trying to take your  life and you have one shot at disarming them, if you fail, you may not have a second chance.In practice make sure not to cause anyone injury. If you are interested in self-defense, give the outside wristlock a try, it can be quite effective in the right hands.

**Not responsible for any harm that may incur as a result of the techniques mentioned above.**