Discovering Ticket Search for NFL Football Games

I generally go to one or two NFL Football games every year. My favorite team to see is the Houston Texans who play at Reliant Stadium. I always try and find the best deal for my tickets by buying Houston Texans tickets under face value. I tried many sites but none of them told me whether I was getting the tickets for a good price. Then, I discovered SeatGeek which tells me what the best deals are to buy tickets for any events including concerts and Broadway. For example, I found tickets for the Colts playing at Houston. It was a really good deal for section 355 -- which is right at the endzone of Reliant Stadium. They rated the quality of my deal 100 which is the best rating you can get based on factors like weather, where the seats are located in relation to the 50 yard line and more. I'm really looking forward to going to see my favorite team, and now, ticket search and deal quality is helping me get the best value for my money.