Colt Python and Other guns of Capcom's Resident Evil

Now for most of you who have read my blogs I have always had a huge interest in firearms ever since I can remember. When I was younger I used to have a bb gun that I love quite a bit, and when I was 18 I purchase my first rifle, a Semi-Automatic 9mm rifle. I think one of the other reasons I had a huge interest in firearms was because of the Capcom's Resident Evil games, and today, I would like to talk about Resident Evil 1 for Playstation, in particular, the guns of Resident Evil 1 and some facts about them. To begin with, on Resident Evil 1, you will be able to acquire the following weapons: Beretta 92FS 9mm handgun, Remington 870 12 Gauge Shotgun, Colt Python 357 Magnum, Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher and knife.

I know my stuff!  As you can see, I really should have gone to gunsmithing school. Or at least looked into video game design colleges. Now the Beretta 92FS is one of the most popular handguns in the world, and I didnt know at the time of first playing the game, that in real life, Beretta had a model 96 that is a 40 caliber. Also, what upset me about the Resident Evil game is how slow this darn gun is! I can tell you in real life, you would be able to fire this gun much quicker than you do in the game, although the stopping power is pretty much true to life. Next we have the Remington 870, and I can say Resident Evil did a pretty good job in presenting what a shotgun can really do to a creature, Resident Evil became notorious for your ability to shoot a zombies head completely off with a shotgun. The only thing the game did wrong was that you are able to load this gun quicker in the game than you would in real life. Next we have the Colt Python 357 Magnum, I think the game made this gun a little bit more powerful than a 357 magnum really is, for example, it is more powerful than the Shotgun, which is kind of silly, although there is some truth to it. You need to shoot the Hunter monster 2-3 times with the shotgun to kill it, and only 1 time with the 357, in real life, a shotgun loaded with buckshot would have better stopping power than a 357, however, a 357 bullet would probably be able to penetrate deeper than a 00 Pellet from a shotgun, so I think what this means is that the Hunters have a very thick hide that can only be penetrated with a 357. In real life, the Colt Python is a great gun, however, I don't believe that Colt makes very many of these any more, and buying a Colt Python is incredibly expensive. Now what all 3 of these guns have in common is that they can all be legally purchased, except the Beretta, some states require that you purchase it only with a 10 shot magazine, and not a 15 shot magazine.

Next we have the Grenade Launcher, and I have to say this gun, we are not told the model number, but we can assume it is a standard 40mm Grenade launcher. What is funny about this is that you are able to fire this weapon at incredibly close quarters in the game, and although I am not a military weapons expert, I would say that this weapon would not be safe to fire in close quarters. The game has explosive rounds, and acid rounds which are made out of sulfuric acid I believe, and are great for melting those hunters and zombies. I do not recall if you were able to get flame rounds in RE1, or if they were available in RE2. Either way, this is a great gun in the game, in real life, at close range, it would probably be deadly to both zombie and its wielder. Lastly, we have the Rocket Launcher, and after some research I was able to find out that this is actually an M202 FLASH which stands for Flame Assault Shoulder Weapon, and it doesnt really blow things up like it does in the game, rather it burns things. It turns out that this weapon can be seen in the old Arnold Schwarzeneggar movie, Commando, and in real life, it was made as a replacement to the traditional flamethrower as was used in World War II. Both of these weapons are incredibly devastating, and civilians cannot own them, although the grenade launcher, I was told, if you have a special license, you may be able to purchase one, but I am not too familiar about this.

Lastly, we have the Combat knife, in the game, it is worthless, in real life, it would be very useful if attacked by zombies, although if the Hunter were real, the knife would get you killed. Well, I hope everyone enjoyed this post, and I hope many of you could find some humor in it, since it requires a large use of your imagination, since as we all know, zombies and Hunters do not exist, or do they??