Rossi 851 Revolver

I am very excited about a new firearm that I recently purchased at a local gun store, it is a Rossi model 851 38 special revolver. I was not looking for a new handgun, however the local gun store had this gun at a great price, it was $110 and came with a box, although it was used, this was a great deal. The company that made this firearm of course is Rossi from Brazil, which I believe still makes firearms together with Taurus, they are known for high quality handguns at a great price. I remember seeing this gun and I liked the look and feel of it, it kind of reminded me of the famous Colt Python 357 magnum which was featured in the classic video game, Resident Evil, although this firearm is a 38 and not a 357. I plan to take this gun out to the range next week, and I have to say I am very excited, and I purchased a few speed loaders for this revolver as well. You might be thinking, what good is a 6 shot 38 special revolver in this day and age? Well, the gun is excellent for self defense, target practice or just collecting. The 38 special is good for self defense as well, since it is about as powerful as a 9mm, you can purchase hollow point ammunition, revolvers tend to be very accurate, and 6 shots is just enough firepower. I like the simplicity of this gun, if you are new to target shooting, or know someone who is, this weapon is excellent. The first handgun I learned to fire was a Ruger GP100 357 magnum revolver, and I believe that I learned all of the fundamentals about shooting with that gun, posture, aiming, loading, and I hope that I can really teach my wife these fundamentals as well with this new firearm. Again, as with all firearms, please excercise safety, and if you purchase a weapon like this enjoy all the fun that you will have at the range!