Ruger P95 9mm Handgun

I hope that everyone has found my previous article on the Ruger GP100 Handgun to be useful, today I will be discussing another great firearm from Ruger, that is the P95 Handgun. The P95is a double-action semi-automatic 9mm pistol. The P95 handgun is a great gun, it is incredibly reliable, affordable, accurate, and has a 15 round magazine capacity. My first experience with the Ruger P95 came shortly after I purchased one for a great price (I believe a little over $200.00 at the time) on When the gun arrived I was excited, although the gun did not look as good as a Beretta, I can tell you, this gun was amazing, it was incredibly reliable and accurate, which are very important attributes to a handgun, and the $200.00 price tag was not bad at all. I remember I had a friend take aim at a bowling pin with this handgun, and he missed the target and said the gun was not accurate, I told him to let me take a shot at the same target from about 25 yards, and the first round hit the bowling pin and knocked it down, and I remember telling my friend sarcastically, "you mean this gun that I am shooting is not accurate"? Anyways, the gun IS in fact quite accurate.

So for a gun that I purchased for a ridiculous price, you might be wondering why is it so cheap? Well first of all, as you can see from the picture, the gun does not look that great to be honest, at least not as good as a Beretta 92 or a Kimber 1911 which in my opinion look amazing. My main complaint about the Ruger P95 is how wide the gun is, one person claimed that it was almost like holding a brick in your hand. Part of the reason for this is so that the gun will have extra room eject shells after firing, so that there is no jamming problem, and I guess it works, since I had never experience a single jam with this firearm. It is also important to note that there are several versions of this pistol, the picture above is the newest version which has an improved grip and a rail underneath the barrel to mount various accessories such as a light or laser. I have also heard that a group with the US Army had been issued P95 pistols instead of Beretta pistols, which seems somewhat unfair, but in actuality, the P95 is every bit as reliable as a Beretta, in fact it may even be more reliable than the Beretta 92. I have met several members of the military tell me that the Beretta is a great gun, but often times they are issued poor magazines. After hearing this, I think I would feel more comfortable carrying a Ruger P95 if my life was on the line, but it is definitely not the most stylish firearm out there. So if you are looking for a great gun, at a great price (probably much more than $200 these days), the Ruger P95 is a great deal. Although Ruger has just made their SR9 9mm pistol (Ruger's most advanced 9mm pistol in my opinion), which I will discuss in a later blog, the Ruger p95 is still a truly remarkable gun.

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