The Ruger GP100 357 Magnum Revolver

I would like to tell everyone about a great handgun for people who are interested in home protection, target shooting, and just collecting, that is a 357 Magnum handgun. A 357 Magnum handgun is a great addition to anyone's collection since it serves so many purposes and it is definitely not lacking in terms of power. Just a quick note on the 357 magnum, nearly every 357 magnum revolver can also fire 38 special caliber as well. There are many different models of 357 Magnum handguns that you can find such as the Colt Python, Colt King Cobra, Smith and Wesson, RugerSP101, Ruger Gp100 and so on. While most of these handguns are revolvers, there are a few of them that are semi-automatic such as the Coonan 357 and the Desert Eagle 357. However, today I would like to discuss the Ruger GP100 357 Magnum, and why it is an excellent choice.

I would like to mention first that I personally owned one of these handguns a few years back and I have so many good things to say about this revolver. Why would one choose a Ruger GP100 over another 357 Magnum? First off, the reliability is awesome, while most revolvers are reliable, I can say that in my opinion the Ruger is a better choice than an Armscor, Rossi, or Taurus. Secondly the Ruger GP100 is a great value, you can purchase one anywhere from $300 and up, which is much cheaper than buying a Smith and Wesson, a Colt, and definitely cheaper than a Desert Eagle in 357. Another great reason to purchase a Ruger GP100 is all of the different versions of the revolver, you can choose from 3 inch barrel, 4 inch barrel, and 6 inch barrel, either stainless or blued steel, and just recently Ruger has been producing these revolvers in 327 caliber which is a new cartridge with speeds similar to the 357 but small enough to provide for 7 shots versus 6 shots of 357.

So why purchase a revolver over a semi-automatic? Well, the reliability is usually the main reason, but with today's semi-automatic pistols, this is usually not the case, with a few exceptions. Accuracy with a revolver is much better than with a semi-automatic, I remember one day at the range I was able to hit 6 rounds in the head of my paper target with a GP100 loaded with 38 Special ammunition from 25 yards, I can say that this is excellent accuracy. I had fired a 1911 45 ACP semi-automatic, and I was not able to produce the same results. Many people who do not like revolvers claim that they are slow to load, this is not true, there are many options to load a revolver quickly, but the best is to purchase an HKS Speedloader for your revolver, with a little practice, you can load your revolver quickly and easily. I would also like to mention that with many of these revolvers it is possible to mount a scope on them, which would be more appropriate for handgun hunting, but it is still an option. So again, anyone who is interested in a great revolver I highly recommend the GP100, it truly is an awesome handgun.