Resident Evil for Playstation

Recently I discovered an awesome feature on my Playstation 3 system which is backwards compatibility, that allows me to play original PlayStation games on my Playstation 3 system. When I first purchased my PS3 I was told that I could not play PS2 or PS1 games, so I decided to try it anyways, and to my amazement I was able to play my old PS1 games but not my PS2 games. I am very happy about this discovery because I can now play many of my old PS1 games including Resident Evil. Many years back I remember when my dad bought me a Playstation video game system for Christmas with 2 games, Tekken 2, and Tomb Raider 2, and the following day I decided to rent Resident Evil and Contra:Legacy of War. At the time I knew very little about Resident Evil, but that started my interest in all things Resident Evil, and from the time I first played it until today, I have been an avid fan of this great series.

Resident Evil was created by Japanese game designer Shinji Mikami and was released by Capcom in 1996. The game itself was one of the first survival horror games to ever be released, your objective was not really to gun down as many zombies as possible but to do whatever you could to survive. Often times you find yourself incredibly low on ammo with more zombies than you can handle and you have to find a way to survive. It is during times like this that the game is quite suspenseful. You can play as either Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine who are supposed to be members of a team called S.T.A.R.S which was sent on a rescue mission only to discover a mansion filled with zombies. As your mission continues you are able to find a variety of weapons, first you start with a knife or a Beretta 92 handgun and later you are able to acquire a Remington 870 Shotgun, a Colt Python 357 Magnum, a grenade launcher, and so on. Part of the thing that amazed me about this game is how realistic the gun effects are for example if you have a Remington 870 Shotgun and you shoot a zombie in the head at close range, well lets just say that the zombie will be splattered. I also think that part of my interest in firearms was due partly in fact to this game, but anyways, for those of you who want to play an awesome game that blends elements of horror films into a video game, you have to play this game. Please keep in mind that Resident Evil is not merely shooting zombies, but surviving, and also there is quite a bit of puzzle solving which can sometimes become tedious, but the overall experience is truly amazing.