Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Last year I had the opportunity to play this awesome classic game that was originally released on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) in 1988. This game is the sequel to the popular NES game, the Legend of Zelda, however due to its drastic change in game play, it was not well accepted among fans of the original. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link plays more like an RPG, where you must build experience points over time. Unlike the original Legend of Zelda, you control link while traveling across an overhead map, once Link touches an enemy or enters a dungeon, you then control link much the same as in side-scrolling games, where Link must jump, and fight enemies. I remember playing this game when I was much younger and I hated it so much, last year however I had purchased the Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition for the GameCube, which has this game title along with 3 other games. I was able to find several walkthroughs, and surprisingly, this game was awesome and I ended up finishing this game in a couple of weeks. I found the game to be truly awesome, although there was no big battle with Ganon at the end of the game, this game introduced Shadow Link as the final boss, who would be seen in later Zelda titles. If anyone enjoys classical NES games, you must play this game, and now with the help of many walkthroughs found on Google, and video walkthroughs found on Youtube, this game is quite an enjoyable experience.