Glock Pistols

After my last posting on the AR15 rifle I have decided to talk about one of the best pistols that you can buy for the money, which is the Glock Pistol. Glock Pistols can be purchased in several different calibers including 9mm, 40 Smith and Wesson, 45 ACP, 45 GAP, 10mm, and 357 SIG. You can also purchase Glocks in three different sizes, compact, sub-combact, and full size. The great thing about Glock Pistols is their extreme reliability under all situations, tests have shown that Glock pistols will continue to work after being exposed to extreme heat, extreme cold, submerged in water, dropped, runned over, and many more situations. Glock Pistols became popular due to the fact that they were one of the earliest polymer pistols to be sold to the general public. Polymer reduces weight but does not sacrifice quality or reliability at all. To date, I have never had a more reliable semi-automatic pistol than a Glock pistol. The other thing that has stood out about Glock pistols is their magazine capacities, the 9mm can hold 17 rounds in the magazine, the 40 s&w holds 15 rounds, and the 45 ACP holds 13 rounds, so either way you look at it, you have a weapon with massive firepower. For those who live in states where magazine capacity is limited to 10 rounds, the 45 ACP is an excellent choice. So if you are looking for a high quality pistol for self-defense, target shooting, or just collecting, Glock pistols make an outstanding choice.