Meeting with Master Ner

Late last night, we went to met my husband's Escrima Teacher from Laban Tulisan Organization. He came here in town to conduct a seminar in Ciudad Juarez although we met him in El Paso, Texas.

My husband decided not to go to Ciudad Juarez due to drug war currently in effect in Mexico and particularly in Ciudad Juarez. Well, we just mainly talked on some things at my husband's other teacher Guro Don. The cool thing is that Guro Don gave my husband a sword as a birthday present from him.

And also, Guro Don show us his collection of guns and rifles. My husband was able to check his AR-15 rifle and his Taurus hand gun. We stay there for about 2 hours or so. Then after meeting Master Ner we went to eat food at Chicos Tacos then finally,we went home.

It was a nice experience to met one of the Master in Filipino Martial Arts.