The Ultimate Bachelor Pad—Essentials of Decor

Whether they are recent college grads or newly-divorced single guys
striking out on their own, all bachelors probably aspire to have the
kind of hip, über bachelor pad immortalized by Frank Sinatra in the 1963
movie Come Blow Your Horn. Frank’s swinging bachelor’s apartment was the
acme of sophisticated Rat Pat cool, but a lot has changed in the past
fifty years. Can you get away with having that stripper pole you had in the frat house in today’s bachelor Pad? We will answer all the hard questions like that as we consider a few essentials of décor
and style in designing the modern bachelor pad.

You’re Not in College Anymore, Son

So lose all the college decorating décor that seemed fun and casual back
then—thumbtacked posters of scantily-clad super models and neon
Budweiser signs are not the look you’re going for now. Think mature,
think clean and uncluttered, think sexy. You want a space that reflects
who you are, so don’t be afraid to go with masculine touches like animal
print rugs, but the trash cans cannot be overflowing. It’s not a dorm
room and it certainly isn’t a frat house. It’s your bachelor pad, your
single guy’s lair—and there’s a huge difference.

What You Need—the Basics

You need comfortable furniture that doesn’t look like it came from a
garage sale. Spend a little more to get good pieces that speak to your
impeccable style and taste. You are a classy guy, right? Get some help
from your girlfriend or sister if you are style challenged. The basic
furniture pieces like sofa and coffee table speak volumes about you so
choose wisely. In the bedroom, go with masculine pieces that look
sophisticated. You will need some art on the walls and this should
reflect your personality, but again, err on the side of sophisticated
masculinity. Locally-sourced anything is big now, so finding original
art from local artists is a great way to keep it local. Leave the tired
Monet and Picasso prints for somebody else. Be your own man with a
unique style and don’t be afraid to go a little avant garde—it’s hip and

The Fun Stuff

It wouldn’t be an ultimate bachelor pad without some big boy toys. The
triumvirate of modern bachelor pad must-haves is big screen TV, pool
table, and bar. Get a good flat screen TV (you know HD is no longer the
latest, greatest, right?) and of course surround sound is always nice to
have. Try not to make your TV the focal point of the living room and if
you can conceal it in a stylish cabinet when it’s not in use, even
better. The pool table is a big expenditure if you do it right. You
don’t want a banged-up piece that looks like a Craig’s List special. The
bar is crucial in establishing your credibility as the sophisticated
gentleman bachelor. If you can’t swing a true wet bar, a dry bar is
still better than no bar. Vintage is always cool, so you may be able to
find some great vintage bar accessories on Etsy or Ebay to ramp up the
sophistication factor—things like cocktail shakers and glassware.

If you do everything else right, a whimsical touch like a stripper pole
in the bedroom can be pulled off. It is all in the total presentation.
You want to create an impression of a clean, comfortable, and inviting
space that is sophisticated and fun. Hint: just watch Come Blow Your
Horn for inspiration if you get stuck. You will find an appropriately
whimsical stripper pole and plenty of other great accessories to aid
your cause at